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Boat Made From 90% Recycled Material Traveling from San Francisco to Sydney!

It seems that more and more people are on new journies to discover what recycled plastic bottles can do.  Well, David de Rothschild is another such guy, who is building his boat in San Francisco pier.

He will be traveling from San Francisco to Sydney, an 11,000 mile journey, let’s cross our fingers he stays afloat.  I will try to be there when he takes off to take some footage and farewell.  (maybe I can give him a Zedomax.com sticker…)

The p

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World Record – 4,000 miles on a Juice Carton Boat!

Rhys Jones, a 22 year old, plans to travel 4,000 miles of water on his juice carton boat.  If he succeeds, we may see more youngsters building their boats with… plastic bottles…

The adventurer, who is the youngest person to climb the seven highest summits on each of the seven continents, plans to travel 4,000miles (6,400km) down a river on a boat made out of juice cartons.

Rhys decide to join his father

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