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Save Earth – Shopping Online is Greener for the Environment!

It’s common sense that shopping online reduces CO2 and saves carbon footprint and it’s better for the environment.


Well, think of it this way, if every retail store shipped their products from one central warehouse location instead of hauling products to each and every retail store using pollution-causing big rig trucks, there would be a LOT of less gas spent of transportation.  (You can take a look at Keetsa, another example of online business that primarily relies on compact packaging and c

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Blog DIY – How to Green Your Blog by Using Green Hosting!

Here’s a bunch more ideas on how to make your blog more green, including use of green hosting companies.

Measure Your Blogs Carbon Footprint -A neat service in the form of software now exists that keeps track of the emissions spewed out from any site or blog. This software is called C02 Stats and its purpose is t

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Today On The Bag Blog

If you are fashion bag-addict, you might enjoy what’s up on the Bag Blog today:

Like organic and cotton?  Try the new Freesia Portfolio handbag that might save carbon footprint while making you look flawless.

If you are not too environmentally educated but you like the color green, then try this D&G Olivia Dome Tote that will go well with any outfit.

Juicy Co

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Cabbage Chair Looks Like a Cabbage!

The Cabbage Chair is like peeling onions.  Well, so long as you don’t have onion smell this chair does look pretty functional and what if they made Cabbage Lounge Sofas?  That’d be way too cool.

Above is a series of snapshots of how the Cabbage Chair becomes a chair after being shipped to a customer.  From the point of view of an ecoist, the Cabbage Chair does reduce carbon footprint by being able to ship itself in the smallest shape possible.  This reminds me of Keets

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Quiksilver The Ray Eco-Friendly Watch!


Quicksilver introduces the world’s first eco-friendly watch through carbon-footprint-saving shipping methods (basically ship not air) and recyclable materials.  It looks pretty good in my opinion, I might have to get one soon.

Quiksilver is introducing the world’s first eco-friendly timepiece, a watch that has been designed to not only be built from recyclable materials but also do so with a minimal carbon footprint. Quiksilver does this by using sea shipping rather than airplanes and

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Eco-Friendly Harddrive Lowers Carbon Footprint!

Here’s a cool eco-friendly harddrive called “[re]drive” by Fabrik made with materials that lessens the carbon footprint.

The [re]drive has 500GB of storage and promises 25% faster data transfer with its Turbo USB 2.0 connectivity compared to standard USB 2.0. Both Mac and Windows users can use the [re]drive and it ships with automate backup software for archiving important data. The SimpleTech [re]drive is available today for $159.99.

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Cedar House, made entirely from Cedar!

Check out this awesome eco-friendly Cedar House, entirely made from sustainable Cedar wood, cutting down on carbon footprint as much as possible.

Of course, maybe not intended, but this house probably is the most moth-repelling in the world as cedar is commonly used for repelling moths that can eat y

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DIY – How to Make Biodiesel!

With the crazy fluctuation in gas prices, especially here in San Francisco, you can cut down on additional carbon footprint through biodiesel and here’s how to make your own biodiesel at home!

This is my tutorial for using my appleseed processor to make biodiesel. This tutorial will get you through the process of making biodiesel, but not the necessary washing process. I will do my next instructable on dry-washing biodiesel.

Biodiesel is a great way to go green, and cut your

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