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Expensive Sushi with 24K Gold Leaves and 0.20 Carat Diamonds!

For those of you who want the taste some real gold and diamonds in your mouth, you need to head over to Manila, Philipines where this sushi chef makes the most expensive sushi with 24K gold leaves and 0.20 carat diamonds.

What’s confusing is do you eat the gold and diamonds?   Maybe you just put that in your pocket before you eat the sushi.

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$400,000 Champagne Glasses!

You thought you “were” rich until you found out you couldn’t afford these $400K champagne glasses…

The champagne glasses were chiseled out of 8kg blocks of rock quartz crystal and took 5 jewelers 3 months to put together. The two glasses were designed by John Calleija who claims they are “the world’s most expensive champagne glasses.” We don’t doubt it as these two challises, otherwise known as “the real pimp cups”, are blinged-out with 1,700 white and pink diamonds totaling 19 carats, and platinum 18 carat white

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Interesting Rings WrapUp

Protect Yourself with the Pepper Spray Ring

Here are some interesting rings to check out this week.

The Octopus ring is made from real octopus.  Carat Mug will fool your guests.

Need a cheap mood ringSquare Titanium

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