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Speedy Wash – How to Clean/Wash a Bus/RV in 5 Minutes!


I just stumbled onto this cool Speedy Wash on YouTube, it’s a giant, vertical bus/RV-washing robot that’s completely automated and clean/washes buses and RVs in matter of minutes.  Pretty cool stuff I have to say.  This could work well for those of you with multiple Hummers.

SPEEDY WASH is the BITIMEC mobile single brush washing machine line used to wash coaches, buses, trailers, trucks, tankers, and railcars. Single brush mobile power washers are the most economical way for transport carrier

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Moto Express Wash is a Motorcycle-Wash Machine!

I am sure most of you are familiar with automated car wash in your local city/town but here’s a new innovative automated Motorcycle wash for your bikers.  I wish they had one in San Francisco so I can take my bike for a wash.

With revolutionary techniques specifically designed to accommodate the growing numbers of motorcycles on the road today, the Moto Express Wash has transformed the 2 hour hand cleaning we have all accepted as normal: into a 5 minute automated process.


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