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Auto DIY – How to Negotiate with a Car Dealer!

Car dealers/salesmen have been touted as one of the worst people in the world for ripping off consumers.  It’s true, even today, car buying process in America isn’t easy as paying for the retail sticker, you must haggle, haggle, and haggle.

Well, I just came across the “secrets” of car negotiation that could possibly make you  a better negotiator the next time you shop for cars.

Salesman: So let me ask you this, Oren. I know you’re a businessman, and we’re both real busy. So if I were to offer you the car at $47,900, would that work? Weint

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Mattress DIY – How to Buy a Mattress!

One of the most expensive and long-lasting things you will buy for yourself is a mattress.

Today, we will review some of the points that might help you in deciding which mattress to buy.

1. Comfort and Relieves Back Pain

Comfort is probably the first thing that comes to my mind when I buy a mattress.  I don’t care if the mattress is green, latex, memory foam, or spring, if it’s not comfortable, you will have lots of back pains months later and have to buy another mattress anyways.

2. Try Different Mattresses

Try visiting different retail stores in your area

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