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Tesla Coil Hack – How to Make Tesla Coil with Bank of Capactors!

Here’s a rather fascinating hack that involves using large capacitors in series to power the tesla coil.  The result?  Indeed rather amazing, watch video below to enjoy sparks!

I need a 3 Turn coil (110mm) with resonant freq fo=235,6kHz, calculations tell me I need a 240nf capacitor bank. Usually a capacitor bank consist of a series/parallel circuit combination and requires extra wire length and space. This will change the inductance of the circuit and thus change its res

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Circuit Hack – How to Make a Wireless Gadget Charger!

If you have been keeping up with technology, it’s true, there’s actually ways you can wireless transmit energy.

Best yet, here’s a simple DIY that you can follow to experiment the wireless charging technology yourself.

Inductive Coupling uses magnetic fields to transfer power. There is a primary coil, which generates a magnetic field. Then there is another secondary coil which is composed of a capacitor and a coil, the capacitor creates a resonant circuit with the primary and secondary coils. Seem easy? Well, before publishing this instructable I found many u

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Electricity DIY – How to Make a 2400 Volt Can Crusher!

Here’s a fun DIY that shows you how to make a 2400 volt can crusher!  Is that too much for crushing a can?

Well, I can think of many ways to apply this for can recycling, can you?

The promised and much awaited 2400 volt power supply went through its first test run. It was a little disappointing it takes 4 firings to get the can into the hourglass shape. One of the capacitors might be bad. Anyway a Microwave Oven Transformer charges six 400 volt capacitors through a 500 ohm 250 watt resistor

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Flashlight DIY – How to Make a Battery-Less Flashlight!

Here’s a really cool flashlight that uses 2 capacitors to power the whole thing.  Best of all, the capacitors only need to be charged 3 minutes to last more than 24 hours.

For dummies

Capacitors are a great way to store electricity, and of course even better when you can come up with great ideas for flashlights like this.  (Also see HowStuffWorks explanation of how capacitors work.)

In this project, you will make a fl

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Triple Capacitor Necklace and Earrings!

If you like Blackberry earrings or Keyboard Necklaces, you might enjoy this uber-geek capacitor necklace and earrings.

Three teal capacitors are connected together to form a striking yet suble necklac

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