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Circuit Hack – How to Make a Wireless Gadget Charger!

If you have been keeping up with technology, it’s true, there’s actually ways you can wireless transmit energy.

Best yet, here’s a simple DIY that you can follow to experiment the wireless charging technology yourself.

Inductive Coupling uses magnetic fields to transfer power. There is a primary coil, which generates a magnetic field. Then there is another secondary coil which is composed of a capacitor and a coil, the capacitor creates a resonant circuit with the primary and secondary coils. Seem easy? Well, before publishing this instructable I found many u

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Triple Capacitor Necklace and Earrings!

If you like Blackberry earrings or Keyboard Necklaces, you might enjoy this uber-geek capacitor necklace and earrings.

Three teal capacitors are connected together

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DIY HACK – HOWTO turn your cellphone into a Taser Camera Gun!


Here’s a funny hack using a cellphone, wires, and a 16pF capacitor.

Take one SonyEricsson K800i, rewire the capacitor (which feeds the camera flash) with a pair of 16uf caps and you have a cell phone capable of dumping those farads into a human body. Just take a photo using the camera’s xenon flash and shoot.

If you can’t read the multimeter in murk of what looks like a typical teenager’s bedroom, it shows 300 volts. Cameron20020, the video’s creator, describes it thus:


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Van de Graaff Electrostatic Generator



Check out the cool Van de Graaff electrostatic Generators!

Here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia:

Van de Graaff generator is an electrostatic mac

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DIY Circuit – Autorange capacitance meter

Here’s a cool little capacitance meter made with PIC16F873A controller, schematic and source also open to public.

Here’s how to make a DIY capacitance meter (it measures capacitors) E=MNC writes – “Finally, I managed to persuade myself to make a really powerful capacitance meter. This is an autoranged version, which means one does not need to adjust the range settings. Furthermore, the measuring range is quite large, from 5pF all the way to 2600uF. It is all taken ca

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DIY Circuit – Piezo Gyro Prototypes

Here’s a cool DIY on making your own piezo gyro for sensing movement among other things…

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DIY Circuit – Car Battery Charger

Here’s a cool car battery charger diagram.

This very simple circuit uses a transformer ,two diodes , a capacitor and an ammeter. To charge a battery just connect the + and – terminals of the circuit to the corresponding terminals of the battery. When the battery is not charged, the ammeter reading shows 1-3 amps. When the battery is fully charged the ammeter reads Zero or nearly zero, after which the battery should be removed from the charger.

via electr

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