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Halloween DIY – How to Make Mac-O-Lanterns!

Here’s a ridicuously cool Halloween DIY your old mac will love, a Mac-O-Lantern!  Yes, you can say that again.

This Halloween season, bring an old computer back from the dead. Here’s all you need to turn that dusty old Mac Classic into a glowing, Halloween treat. Besides a working computer and a little technical know-how (very little), all you need is three cans of spray paint and a bit of epoxy. And here’s the best part…no slimy guts to clean out!

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DIY – How to Make Goggles from Deodorant and Plastic Can Holder!

Here’s a really funny DIY on how to make goggles from deodorant and plastic can holders. Now, I wouldn’t really want to ever use these goggles or make them (because they are so stupid) but it is very amusing just in case there’s a fire in my building and the only thing I have with me are deodorants and cans of coke.

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DIY Boat – THis guy makes a Paddle Boat for under $20

Wow, check out the cool paddle boat this guys in China made for under $20!

Li Zhiyuan assembles a paddle boat made of recycled materials on the river at a park in Hefei, east China’s Anhui province, April 23, 2007. Li, the designer of the paddle boat, spent one and half months making the boat using trashed wood, bottles, cans and bicycles which cost him less than 100 yuan (USD 12), local media reported.


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