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iPod Baby Bouncer Toy lets your Baby Get an Early Start!

iPod baby bouncer toy will let your baby get an early start on iPods…  Not a bad idea.

Combi’s innovative iPod Bouncer features unique bouncing leg design with rear-mounted electronic controls for the built-in sound and vibration unit. This plugs right into your iPod with the MP3 input for your customized music. It also has a removable collapsible canopy, toy bar with wooden toys, and a hammock style seat design with a 2 position recline. You have pr

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Di-Cycle Concept is a Bicycle that goes over water and land!

A testing woman on the Di-cycle

Di-Cycle is a concept bicycle that could potentially help bikers travel over water and land.  There’s no info on when and how this concept is available so keep your fingers crossed.

This two-wheeled vehicle was specially designed to function as a mode of transport over land as well as water, although it won’t protect you against splashes and rough storms no thanks to a lack of a canopy. No idea on what other features are available with the Di-Cycle concept, but parking this is going to be quite tricky.

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Dry Water Jet Massager for $29,500!

If you ever been to Las Vegas or any other resort-area, you will have noticed these Dry Water Massagers in the malls.

Well, now you can get one of these cool massage machines right in your home for just $29,500.

Sounds expensive?

Yes, it surely is but for the best personal massage in the world without a real human massager, this might be your best bet at saving your back.

The Dry Water Jet Massager. Used at five-star resort spas, this device provides a full-body water jet massage without getting you wet, and uses aromatherapy

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RocketShields for rainy days on your Motorcycle!

Here’s an interesting RocketShield, that will protect you from rain on your bad weather commutes. Personally, I would never spend money on something like this but there’s should be plenty people who might be in need of this.

For the record, this shield does seem to have aero-dynamic effects so you don’t have to crouch down going at higher speeds.  Maybe the racers might start pickin’ up on this.

What originally started as a remedy to keep the rain off of my fa

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Water Catcher Umbrella, Brilliant!

Check out this water catcher umbrella concept.  From the picture it seems like you can even plant the whole thing to grow some plants.

Well, I think if they can further take their idea into using the water as stabilization for the umbrella itself or make it steam out during a hot day, that’d be somethin’.

As you can see from the design there is a dip in the centre of the canopy where the water is directed, the material is specially made from compostable polylactic acid plast

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Solar Shade Veil for Schools!

Here’s a great idea for schools.  It’s a solar shade veil that would generate power for the schools while providing shade for the students and teachers.

Why didn’t we think of this earlier like 10 years ago?

An Australian government funded initiative, the VEIL solar-shade is a future possibility for the integration of solar-energy harvesting technologies into a form that is pragmatic (providing shade & energy), evocative and educational.

The idea is very simple: instead of having simple canopies outside the scho

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