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Digital Camera Hack – How to Control a Nikon or Canon Digital Camera with Nintendo DS!

Here’s a really cool hack that shows you how to control a Nikon or Canon digital camera using Nintendo DS.

A funny cool thing happens once the camera is controlled by what is essentially a instant-on computer. Where the Canon 5D can do a bracket of three shots, spread two stops apart, and the latest 1DS MKIII series can do a nine shot bracket, the “DS-DSLR” can do any number of shots, and if I don’t like the way it does it, I can rewrite the software to do it better.

The DS can run in bulb-mode as well, so I can do automated expo

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DIY HACK – How to Turn Your Canon into a Super-Camera!

Here’s CHDK, an aftermarket firmware you can download to your Canon digital camera and turn it into a super-camera.

Good thing I have 2 Canons, I will have to try this hack out and report back to you on how well the time-lapse feature worked.

The Canon Hacker’s Development Kit, aka CHDK, is a firmware enhancement that supports an impressive array of Canon digital cameras. I emphasize the enhanceme

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