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Eco DIY – How to Make a Candle Lantern with Old Jars!

I personally own bunch of small jar-like candle holders that I’ve bought from IKEA at a dollar each.  After seeing this eco DIY, I am having some regrets as I have many old jars laying around that I could have used to make this candle lantern that looks awfully awesome.  Now, I wouldn’t hang it from anything but I can just let the candle jars sit on my dining table.  It’d still look classy and nice.

During the summer I love to linger outside with friends as the day makes its slow fade into nig

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Today on Bedzine

Okay, here’s some interesting reads on Bedzine today:

Learn how to build a loft bed here.  You can revitalize your livingroom with some wood grain cushions.

The DIY Coffee Table is a great gift for engineers and other creative people. (including me)

The world should be fuller of these type of

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