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Candle DIY – How to Make Shotgun Candles!

I am one of those people who are opposed to guns because it kills lives everyday.  I grew up in South Korea when I was younger, where it’s illegal for people to carry firearms since the Korean War.  In the last 50 years, South Korea has had “ZERO” gun-related accidents other than in the military where they are allowed.   And yup, when people are murdered in South Korea, it usually involves some knives.

That’s why we should have outlawed guns in America long time ago but it’s too late anyways, if we take guns away from people in America now, th

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Candle DIY – How to Make Custom Candles!

I once tried making candles on my own for my mom’s birthday.  Well, it turned out pretty bad and I never tried making my own custom candles again but a good thing there’s the interwebs.  I just noticed this great instructable that shows you how to make your own custom candles.

The author goes into detail on how to build the mold, something that I never did and why my candles turned out to look like large raindrops.  Very good instructable indeed if it’s your first time making custom candles, see fu

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