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Cast Iron Skillet Review!

For the most healthy, home-cooked meals, you might want to consider getting a real cast-iron skillet as I have been using one for about a year now.  The best part about cast-iron skillets is that they can handle high-heat, perfect for pre-cooking steaks before you put them in the oven.

As for health point-of-view, the iron-skillets might give off little scraps of iron that is actually great for your human body, unlike DuPont-coated non-iron skillets that can cause cancer among other things if that coat gets scraped off somehow.

One thing you have to be careful is to not use a

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DIY Laser Harp!


Well, here’s a cool Laser Harp that will allow users to play some music without actually touching anything.  The only concern I have is that with that much contact with real lasers, you might consider getting good insurance, just in case you run into cancer associated lasers.

via hackedgadgets, DIY Page

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Food Hack – How to Make Korean Style Soy Sauce!

When I was growing up in Korea, it was pretty common to see people making their own soy sauce including my mom, who used to have 3 barrels of soy sauce that lasted us about 10 years.   I used to wonder why it took so long to make soy sauce but it lasts a lifetime once you make it.

Soy sauce can be created along with fermented soy bean paste, which is another by-product while making soy sauce.

Soy sauce has scientifically been proven to help prevent Cancer and other diseases(One of the Top 10 antioxidants on Eart

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DIY Homemade Teddy Bear Cam catches Care-giver Stealing Money!

After money went missing at the home of terminally ill grandmother, the 21 year old daughter set up a DIY homemade Teddy Bear cam to catch the caregiver stealing money.

We say the care-giver is a heartless and worthless soul who needs to really clean her soul.

Robert Sampson, 46, and Emma, 21, fixed the tiny camera in the Liverpool home of his mother Thelma Sampson, 75.

Last week, care assistant Yvonne Allen, 28, of Halewood, Liverpool, was sentenced to six months in prison after pleading guilty to two counts of theft.

Mr Samps

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Kool Boost Cigarettes with a Powerball!

Here’s an interesting new type of cigarette that lets you squeeze extra menthol by squeezing the butt-end of the cigarette.  Of course, this won’t help cure or lessen cancer…duh!

Video after the jump!


The key to Kool Boost is the powerball – a cobalt blue plastic globe of concentrated menthol flavor that responds to pressure by releasing more menthol into the smoke stream. In effect, smokers can adjust each cigarette to their preferred level of coolness. That

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DIY – How to “Not” Use Laser to Make Tatoos!

This doesn’t even qualify as a decent DIY but at least there was someone who sacrificed their skin to laser radiation just to get this thing documented at instructables.

But yes, DO NOT use lasers to make tatoos.  This is a no-no unless you want to die of cancer real soon.  Use your common sense, this probably was just (a horrible attempt) to bring more web traffic to instructables.

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