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Why Build a Teardrop Trailer

Why build a teardrop caravan?

Way back when in the 90s yours truly was the proud owner of a Ford Transit Camper. High top, gas cooker, 2 berth (although regularly slept 5-6, the 6th usually being Steve accross the front seats with feet out of the window) 2.5 diesel engine and ample storage.

After several years of foraying on inter city jaunts at home and abroad with mountain bike in back, it’s health rapidly deteriated. Noises began appearing where they shouldn’t, ie. not the usual camper van rattles and bangs from the back, cupboard doo

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Coleman Inflatable Mattresses with Speakers for iPod or MP3!

Cool, Coleman has just introduced their new inflatable mattresses with speakers for iPod or MP3.  For those of you on the constant go like me, you know how valuable an extra speaker is, especially when you consider all the backpains you get while sleeping on an inflatable mattress.  Price:

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Eco-Friendly Hand Powered Portable Washing Machine!

If you really want to save some energy, (and you currently don’t own a washing machine) I highly suggest to get one of these hand-powered portable washing machines.

Although you might have to take some more time doing your laundry, it can actually help your forearms get bigger while you save a ton of energy.

Made of plastic with no mechanical parts, the hand powered washing machine comes assembled. Just attach the handle and go! It can last a lifetime and requ

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Portable Solar Charger!

Here’s another cool little portable solar charger for your cellphones and small gadgets.

This totally convenient portable solar power supply can be used with cell phones, portable radios, and digital cameras. Because its lightweight and compact its ideal for use when traveling on business or pleasure, camping or hiking. Available in graphite or titanium finish.

via 7g

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Blogging in the Wild…

I always thought of what’d be like to be camping and blogging at the same time. Well, here’s a video by Joel Johnson from BoingBoingTV showing you how it could be done…

Boing Boing Gadgets editor Joel Johnson recently spent a week in the woods with a backpack full of electronics, to see if he could work on the internet in the wild using only solar power and his bare hands. This vid

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Visualeyes launches Rayzer – another set of Headlights that go on the rear-view mirror.

Check out this nifty light for your car. Basically it goes behind your rear-view mirror, allowing more lights I guess… We haven’t figured out if this is a hit product yet but seems pretty cool for those dark curvy mountain roads for your next camping trip up to Tahoe. Will they send us a sample? (maybe I can put it on my TrailBlazer and find out if it works under rugged conditions and race-car style driving…lol…)

No exterior modifications needed on car!

In contrast to conventional auxiliary lights, Rayzer is posit

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DIY – How to build your own Penny Stove

Check out this howto on making your own Penny Stove for your next camping trip instead of buying one from Wal-mart. It is as powerful as stove top burners!

The Penny jets produce a flame size about the same as those on a Viking stovetop. Obviously Viking thinks that big jets must be an effective way to burn gas and transfer heat to a pot and my tests confirm this. They are also less affected by wind, pot distance, altit

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