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Canon G12!

Although I wouldn’t trade anything for the quality photos and 1080P HD videos I can take on my Canon EOS 7D, I have always been searching for a smaller point-and-shoot camera that could do the job just as well.

The Canon G12 was just announced today, bringing 720P HD (whereas Canon G11 didn’t).  Still, I would really love to see Canon bring more features like 1080P HD recording and manual focusing.  That would really make me jump on the wagon.

Still, this is a really great camera to get, perhaps I need to give them out when it’s available on the mar

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Wireless Radio-based Flash Trigger for Camera

Max’s Note: Here’s a really good deal for making your existing DSLR flash wireless for just $23.69.  Great deal if you ask me.

This Wireless Flash Trigger is a radio remote system for firing hotshoe or PC-connected flash units wirelessly. It consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter fits into a camera’s hotshoe and the receiver clips onto the hotshoe base of a battery-powered flash unit. Just turn the receiver on by sliding over the power switch, and then take a photo. That’s it. A radio signal is transmitted from the transmitter to the receiv

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Laptop Stand with High Speed USB Ports!

Here’s a really cool laptop stand with high speed USB ports from Logitech.  This might be just what you need to keep your laptop off the ground while making use of the extra USB ports for connecting all your peripheral USB gadgets.

The Logitech® Alto™ Connect raises your notebook display for increased viewing comfort. You’re more relaxed—and more productive. It’s an attractive alternative to expensive monitors and docking stations. Three High Speed USB ports make connecting peripherals a snap. An extra port on the front adds instant access to your personal digital dev

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New Samsung HD Camcorder SMX-C14!

Samsung releases their new HD camcorder SMX-C14 and SMX-C10, both HD camcorders come with 16GB of internal memory plus SD card slots for expansion.   I’ve seen a big array of great HD cameras lately, but I don’t think none of them are as great as far as price and function are concerned.  These HD cams are only available in South Korea right now, I might have to fly over there to pick one up next week.

The SMX-C14 and SMX-C10 also incorporate Samsung’s play-edit-sharing program called intelli studio. The built-in intelli-studio program allows consumers to connect

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SuperHeadz Plamodel DIY 35mm Camera!

Wanna build your own DIY 35mm camera?  Well, you can with this $28 kit from SuperHeadz.

This is awesome if you are a student of

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HD Camera/Camcorder Review Under $200!

Well, I am about to buy an HD camera/camcorder so I figured I’d do a market analysis (or review) of all the HD camera/camcorders out there that are under $200.

For one, I am looking for following qualities in an HD camera:

    HD quality (at least 720P) videos – I want to be able to record high-res videos that I can also upload to high-res video websites. Ability to use SD cards for extra memory or a hard disk – I don’t want a fixed internal memory, that’d make the camcorder completely useless if I am on a boat and I run out of memory.  (No, I don&

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Ultrasonic Parking Alert Sensor!

You know how many people cannot drive or park their car these days and if your car doesn’t have one of those parking sensors or cameras to help you, you can get this awesome Ultrasonic Parking Alert Sensor from Amazon for only $15.99.

Whether you drive straight in or back into your garage, it can be tough to judge if you’ve stopped in the right spot. The Parking Alert guides you with flashing lights as you pull into your garage so you can be sure you stop at the desired place! No mo

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DIY Replica Fighter Jet goes 5MPH!

Check out this cool DIY replica fighter jet that can actually run at 5MPH.  Of course, that’s on the ground only but I wouldn’t mind having one of these in my garage, great for weekend neighborhood showoffs.

Measuring seven metres in length and four metres in width the £4,000 F-35 Lightning II Fighter Jet has been built at a scale of 1:2.

Resembling Tom Cruise’s jet out of Top Gun, it took 3,500 hours to construct the model.

The plane is constructed from iron, wood, hard foam, fibreglass and lots of epoxy filler, c

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Magic Message Mirror for Home Security!


Check out this cool Magic Message MIrror that will hook up to your existing home security system to provide you with automated messages from the Magic Man in the mirror.

During idle mode, the Magic Mirror is just a regular mirror as shown above.

During message mode, a funny man will appear in the mirror to let you know about what kind of security breaches have been going on with option to play security videos/cameras.

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DIY Homemade Submarine made from Metal Barrels!

Remember they Chinese guy who made the helicopter? Well, here’s another Chinese guy who made a freakin’ submarine out of old metal barrels.

Talk about eco-friendly, this submarine probably is the most green submarine ever made.

Way cool huh?

I am gonna go make mine too now and

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