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Phone HACK – How to Unblock Blocked Caller-ID Numbers!


Here’s a cool hack showing you how to unblock blocked caller-ID numbers.

*This is informational purposes only.  Do not use this hack unless you are a law enforcement agent.

In a demonstration video, a hacker tweaks said asterisk box with some new configurations to strip out privacy flags, forward the call to another number, and ultimately reveal caller ID information which, surprisingly, is still available. This isn’t meant to be easy, but if the terms “prepend,” “SIP trunk,” and “ast

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iPhone 3G Hacks – How to Build a Bluetooth Handgun Handset for your iPhone!

Here’s a really pointless but fun DIY for building a bluetooth handgun that will answer your calls at the pull of the trigger.  Great, all that for answering a phone?  Isn’t it a little too much reverse-engineering?

How to turn an airsoft handgun and a bluetooth headset into a fun, fully functional handset for your iPhone. Pull the trigger to receive calls and to, um, end them. Listen through the barrel, and talk into the grip.

I think everyone has made the thumb and forefinger gun-to-the-head sign when someone unpleasant shows

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