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Home DIY – How to Make Stainless Steel Backsplash Wall for your Home!

Here’s a great way to refresh your home using stainless steel sheets you can get at Home Depot.  Simply apply them to your walls and create a new modern “metallic” look at fraction of doing something else to your wall.

To compliment rather modest appliances and modest materials for the counters and floors, John used a thin sheet of stainless steel for his backsplash. Easy to clean, the steel adds a bit of glamour and sheen to the small open kitchen prep area. It can be purchased at any good hardware store and custom cut to fit yo

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Kitchen DIY – How to Demolish your Kitchen using a Sledgehammer and Crowbar!

For those of you replacing your kitchen with brand new appliances and fixtures, you might want to consider demolishing the kitchen yourself using a sledgehammer and crowbar as this person has done.

One quote for replacement cabinets actually included a $1000 charge to do what we did today. That being, taking a crowbar and a 16lb. sledge to a 48 year old kitchen and matching defunct oven.

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Pictures of a Really Really Really big Supercomputer!

Wait, how do you walk through all that?!?

Wow, I used to work as network technician long time ago when installing a CAT5 wires on a 5000 sq. ft office was hard. This is about 100 times harder looking… how do they even maintain the supercomputer? I wonder what happens if one of these go down. You are gonna have to be really good at walking over wires, which I am not.


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