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Teach yourself C in 24 Hours

I always have bought lots of books on how to do things in 24 hours. Here’s one you don’t have to buy and try it. Well I’ve never learned anything in 24 hours but these books tend to help you do something FAST!

Link to free Book via digg

Also Link to Tech Yourself C++ in 21 Days

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PLC – Consider Programmable Logic Controllers for your next DIY project

PLCs are basically industrial-grade computers that can be programmed to do tasks, sorta like microcontrollers but most PLCs have built-in encoders for motor control, support for modbus, and more…

Basically, if you are not familiar with BASIC, C, Java, or assembly language, PLC Ladder Logic language might be the way to go as it has been proven in the industrial field for factory automation and more.

Ladder Logic is a way of programmi

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