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Veranda Solar Cells provide Free Solar Power for Apartments!

Here’s a really cool solar cell device that will latch and hang from your apartment’s window and give you some free solar power.  Great idea indeed but I hope the latching system is secure enough so it doesn’t fall on bystanders’ head and you know what that means, lawsuits and no more solar cells hanging off buildings.

It’s called Veranda Solar, and it promises to eventually provide solar energy to apartment and condo dwellers by hanging attractive solar panels o

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Funny DIY – How to Make a Gaping Hole Sweater! (and make bystanders piss on their pants)

Lol… this is a great idea.

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Recycle-Themed Backpack

Here’s a funny backpack that might have bystanders stuffing it with recyclable cans and plastic bottles thinking you are a garbage man/woman.  I do really like the big sign though, you can’t miss it.

The “Big Kid Eco Pack” is a sturdy backpack created with nylon that is entirely constructed from recycled plastic drinking bottles. The trim is naturally biodegradable canvas.

According to the website: “Each of these packs keeps seven 16oz bottles out of the environment. Big enough to hold books, notebooks, lunch a

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