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VIDEO – LeBron James Hits the 3-pointer at the Buzzer with 0 Seconds Left in the Game!

Last night, I had the pleasure of watching the basketball game in years, perhaps during the years of Michael Jordan when he used to pull off stuff like this.

LeBron James from the Cleveland Cavaliers, my favorite NBA player right now, hits the 3-pointer at the buzzer with ZERO seconds left in the game.  See the ball and the timer at “0.0”?

Up to that point, the Cavs were behind by 2 points, I really thought LeBron had to make a 2-pointer somehow but he made a THREE!  BOOMSHAKALAKA!

I know the Cavs will go all the way now to win the Championships, I certain

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TweetHacking.com Launched – Twitter Hacks, Gadgets, and More!

Well, over the weekend, I’ve noticed how “fast” Twitter is growing, especially this year.  And I’ve also notice how many new DIY Twitter gadgets have been popping up at Zedomax.com and elsewhere so I’ve decided to open a new blog dedicated to Twitter Hacks for Twitters, TweetHacking.com. Here’s the first few posts from the new

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Arduino Hack – How to Make a Sonar Distance Twitter Buzzer!

Here’s an interesting gadget that will respond to how far you are away from the computer and also twitt your distance. I am not exactly sure what the point of this is but I am sure it can easily be applied to system security and related things.

arduino & sonar returns your distance away from the computer and it is displayed on the screen. the farther away you are from the computer the larger the text and the greener the screen. the closer you are, the smaller the text and the redder the screen. get within 5 inches and a buzzer alarms. distance is twittered.

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DIY HACK – RFID Door Lock with a Basic Stamp!


Here’s a really cool project using RFID to simulate a door lock or identification system of some sort.

The design is fairly straight forward, a custom circuit board links the BASIC Stamp to the RFID reader, and is powered by 12v. When a valid card is recognised, it provides 12v output to a door strike, and buzzer for 3 seconds. When an invalid card is recognised, it pulses 12v to a buzzer only for 250 milliseconds 3 times in a row (see below for video demo).

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