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Business Card Hack – Business Card USB Flash Drive!

Wanna make a good first-time impression at your dream engineering job?  Try this PCB business card that can be converted into a USB flash drive!

The main purpose of the card is to work as an USB memory.

The firmware uses the internal flash of the microcontroller, so the capacity  of the mass storage unit is only 24 KB max. Enough to put a cover letter and resume in HTML. If more memory is needed, the current PCB and circuitry supports  an external 8-pin SPI (or I2C) flash memory chip (up to 32MB!). Interesting

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Business Card Hack – How to Make a Dot Matrix LED Business Card!

Do you work in the field of engineering or any other types of consumer electronics?  Or perhaps you want to work in one?

Look no further as you can “enhance” your status with this dot-matrix LED business card.  Of course, it’s going to cost you a bunch of money to make couple of these but you might just get that “job” for standing out of the crowd.

how about one with a full graphical display on it that can be customised for a number of scrolling messages? This one could be made in quantity for about a $5 parts cost, and it is only a litt

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