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iPhone 4 Class Action Suit Filed, “I am Going To Hold the Phone Anyway I like it!”

I saw this coming when I first about Steve Jobs telling customers, “Avoid holding it that way”.

Apple and Jobs needs to come clean about their hardware flaws with its antenna.

Clearly, it’s a simple matter, the two antennas, one for Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS and the other for UMTS/GSM for network data/voice. ¬†When you short the two antennas with a human hand or anything conductive for the matter, they will interfere with each other. ¬

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Philadelphia takes on 3D Road Bumpers!

I remember they had 3D fake bumpers in Korea about 20 years ago when I lived there.¬† Well, now Philadelphia is trying them but the bumpers look too fake and I don’t think they will work well…

A new program dubbed “Drive CarePhilly” is being rolled out in Philadelphia in an attempt to get drivers to follow speed limits. As part of the program, approximately 100 intersections will be fitted with high tech 3D decals that they believe will fake out drivers into thinking there is something in the intersection.

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