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Dragon Skin Bullet-Proof Armor Identifies Bullets!

Here’s some rather interesting information on bullet-proof armor called Dragon Skin that uses electrical current generated by bullet hits to identify the size of bullets and perhaps more.

Smart armor being developed by scientists and engineers at U.S. Army Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center in Michigan can not only predict its own failure, but also identify the size of bullets shot at it and even

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HOWTO Make Money Online like the Shoemaker!

Here’s a little story I made up tonight while talking to my girlfriend on how to find your niche market online:

Long time ago, before they had electricity in the Wild Wild West, there were cowboys and shoemakers. Cowboys killed bad guys and the Shoemakers made the best customized shoes in the whole Wild Wild West, which includes California, Nevada, Arizona, and couple other really dry states.

The cowboys only wanted shoes from this one shoemaker who practiced out of Dallas, Texas. He’s fame wasn’t grown by himself, it had been growing ever since his ancient relatives

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Bulletproof Backpack

If you live in the hood, you might need this just in case someone tries to shoot you in the back. This is the reality of some of the metropolitan cities in America so this IS a good invention. That’d be cool if there was one for your chest too…

With the bunch of crazy folks running around these days wielding guns, I wouldn’t mind having one of these BackpackShields covering my back. Constructed from 13 layers of K-29 Kevlar, this thin, lightweight plate will be able to fit in most backpacks and is effective in stopping bullets rangin

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