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Bullet-proof Bras for German Policewomen!

Not sure how well these bullet-proof bras would work in real life but it surely doesn’t look like too much protection in comparison with the metal bra.

These bullet-resistant bras are made available for 3,000 German police women who are in front-line duty. If a female office is shot wearing just a bullet-proof vest, she can suffer from injuries sustained from metallic or plastic parts of ordinary underwear. The new bras, however, are shielded and mainly made of cotton, polyester, spa

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Bullet Proof Vest Creator Shoots himself for testing!


Here’s an interesting story of the guy who creates bullet-proof vests.  What’s interesting is his story as a pizza delivery boy.

Richard Davis, former U.S. Marine and onetime pizza delivery guy in Detroit, survived a gun shootout (he killed three armed robbers when they attacked him during a delivery). He went on to develop new forms of concealable body armor using

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Protect Your TV from Wii Damage with TV Armor!

Now you can protect your precious HDTV you just bought with TV Armor, a thick acrylic protection that goes over the front of your TV.  Definitely, this is what you need if you play Wii.

I have to ask though, is the image still same after putting this on?

TV Armor covers your fragile TV with a clear acrylic shield. Small felt spacers around the perimeter of the Screen Protector protects the surface of your TV and provides a cushion space for the Armor to flex and absorb the impact from flying objects. Without this cushion space, an o

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