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Earth DIY – How to Make a Solar 55-watt Plastic Bottle Lamp!

Here’s a great way to utilize a plastic bottle, water, and film to bring natural light to your home/office without using ANY electricity.  This method basically uses film and water to disperse the sun light into indoors.  It will only work indoors but still a great way to save energy, especially each of these so-called lamps produce about 55-watts of power, more than your regular bulbs.

Here’s video on the HOWTO:


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Dirt-Powered Soil Lamp!

We’ve seen a slew of solar-powered lamps in the last couple years but this is the very first time “dirt”, (yes, the stuff that’s on your ground) has been used to power a lamp.  We wonder how long this will go, specifically when it will be available to the consumers.

The soil lamp uses the chemical reaction between copper, zinc, and slightly moistened mud to create enough electrical current to power an LED lamp. More cells can be used to create a brighter light

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Garden DIY – How to Make LED Grow Lights for your Plants!

Hopefully, you won’t be using this LED grow light to grow your illegal plants (or maybe legal depending on where you are and what licenses you have), but here’s a great way to keep your plants healthy full of artificial LED light by making LED grow lights!

Specialized grow lights that closely mimic the sun’s rays are a better solution, but you can get the same effect with special LEDs that are also brighter, cheaper and last far longer. These bulbs actually work best as a supplement to sunlight during the day; however, they’ll also

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More Fun Gadgets Roundabout!

Here’s today’s fun gadgets roundabout from the Sleep Revolution blog:

Now you can graffiti walls without actually doing so using UV tech.  Also, you can get the Rubik’s Cube lamp for your bedroom, it will look really cool.  And you might need the multimedia chair for ultimate gaming.


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Geobulb gives 60W of brightness at only 8W!

Here’s a $120 Geobulb that uses 8W of power but can replace all your 60W lights.

The first 60-watt direct replacement, Premium Quality High Brightness (PQ-HB) bulb that uses less than 8 watts. The GeoBulb is the same size as a conventional incandescent bulb suitable for direct replacement in any indoor open fixture. It puts out more light than a standard 60-watt bulb but uses less than 8 watts. LED bulbs last 3 years of continuous use or 10 years at abo

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DIY AVR tri-color LED controller


Here’s an interesting AVR tri-color LED controller.

The new project based in AVR microcontrollers Its an “Habitat Mirror Hack” with RGB Leds (superflux). Its the Peggy Muppets Mirror.

I replace the regular bulbs that it has, with superflux RGB leds and i make a controller based on ATMEGA8 for control 16 rgb leds with 3 bits of color depth (8 colors). In my post you can download scheme, pcb and source code.


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