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Laptop New Roundup from our Laptop Blog!

Well, I have to admit to being lazy on the subject of laptops, so here’s a round-up of all the stuff worth taking a look about laptops:

Read about Dell Adamo review here, fake MacBooks spotted, and Sotec C103 is a new contender in the netbook market.

Viewsonic is also getting in the mini-laptop market, check out

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Skype Intergrated Keyboard

Cool stuff, not that I need it.

With this Buffalo keyboard and built-in Skype phone, otherwise known as the — get ready for it — BKBU-SKJ109/SV, you’ll have everything you need to communicate right in front of you. It’s like a little nerve center for the budding power executive or evil villain.

The receiver is

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Buffalo’s WLI-U2-G144N does 802.11n over USB 2.0

Buffalo’s new USB device seems very hopeful with the 3 antennas sticking out. This should definitely help anyone get a better range on their PCs or Laptops.

I have tried 2 USB wifi devices for a PC, which never worked right. I had to eventually install PCI wifis for them. I think USB wifi technology is still unstable as far as my experience can tell.

Engadget tells us there’s no r

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