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Kevin Costner’s Oil-Water Separation Machine could Help Clean the Oil Spill!


Check out this video demo of Kevin Costner’s brother’s company that makes oil-water separation machines that could help clean the oil spill.

The technology was created by Costner’s brother, with the actor pumping in $20m over 15 years. While 40,000 barrels worth of oil is leaking into the gulf of Mexico each day, the V20 machine can clean up 200 gallons of water a minute.

Sounds pretty promising, they should make a larger version of this device, perhaps 100 times bigger, than it

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Super Mario Bros RC Mario Cart!

If you are like me, you’ve probably remember the days of playing Mario Cart right as it came out.   I know playing in front of the TV is fun but I have a “hitch” that this RC Mario cart might be even more popular than its virtual brother.

These things are super tiny at 2″ and imported directly from Japan, meaning they are probably authentic.

They are available from Amazon for $34.99 each, let me get Mario and Luigi for now.

At least you won’t hav

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Cardboard DIY – How to Make a Cardboard Helmet!

If you are still not old enough to drive a motorcycle, at the least you can make yourself a Roman-style cardboard helmet and “pose” on your older brother’s motorcycle.

Here’s a great DIY on how to make such a thang.

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Re-cap of Laptop/Netbook Hacks!

Well, there’s been a lot of laptop/netbook hacks we’ve been covering over at our brother blog, LaptopPimp, here’s a re-cap of the latest ones you might be interested in:

How to Make your Acer Aspire or Eee PC into a Touchscreen Device

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DIY – How to Make a Stun Gun with a Disposable Camera!


Here’s a great way to spend your weekend, making a stun gun with a disposable camera and tested on you sister or brother.

via hackedgadgets

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Our next goal, a blog about nothing!

Okay, we sold Wagg.It for $2000 on SitePoint today, which is good since our $800 server fees were due today and I just had enough money to pay my rent. We will be okay for next month. We are just hopin’ that SiteHoppin’ takes off a little bit more but so far, so good for our efforts.

Our next goal is to turn Zedomax.com into a blog about nothing like John Chow’s blog. Why? Well, he’s makin’ like 25 grand a month! Well, we make like $800 a month. We got a long way to go but with y

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Why BlogRush will die and SiteHoppin will exponentially grow!

Remember I did a review of Blogrush and Entrecard right before Entrecard started taking off?

Well, here’s why BlogRush will die and SiteHoppin will exponentially grow! (Sorry John, we are just using your site as comparison, no pun intended)

1. SiteHoppin is like a dog. Well, here’s how I got that analogy. I don’

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DIY – HOWTO Take your life back from your computer!

Lol…here’s a DIY that will help you get away from the computer. Well, after this post, I am going to the beach baby! (great thing the Pacific Ocean is only 5 minutes away from my apartment) When we come back from the beach walking my girlfriend’s brother’s dog (that we have been dog-sitting for couple days), I will post some videos of the Pacific Ocean so don’t get jealous. :p Peace OUT!

Plan specific activit

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The Quarter Wiki – a new paid Online Encyclopedia!

As you know, the team of moonlighters at Zedomax.Net has been working on new paid wikis. We belive this concept of paid wikis will blow up soon and we have just started diggin’.

We first made Five Dollar Wiki, One Buck Wiki, then EntreWiki.

Now, we introduce you to the new younger brother, The Qua

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Video – How do they make that Green Tea?


My brother-in-law, Andy, just made a new blog site about Green Tea and everything about it. Here’s a cool video I found on his new site about green tea making.

via GreenTeaTimes

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