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Wireless Water Meters in Effect in New York City!

Here’s an interesting news that New York City will be implementing wireless water meters coupled with internet monitoring capability, which will allow New York citizens to know “exactly” how much water they are using and only pay for how much they’ve used.  I have to agree traditional water meters have not been too accurate plus manpower required to check those meters on a monthly basis have been too costly.  We hop

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DIY – Build Your own Studio Apartment!

If this is true and anything like I bought from IKEA, you better watch out as the apartment WILL fall apart after 6 months of use.  (Exceptions: If it’s overpriced, it’s not gonna break.)

The furniture giant from Sweden is going viral with this giant box seen on Brooklyn streets promoting a new store in the NYC Borough. Build your own studio apartment with all the wooden pegs and tiny steel Allen wrenches you can shake a Lingonberry soda at!

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