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Best Netbook Review – Eee PC 1000HE!

For the last 3 months, I have been enjoying the best netbook ever, the Eee PC 1000HE.  It’s the very first netbook I’ve bought but I can say that there’s enough cool little features that it allows me to be practically everywhere.  I am no longer stuck in my home to get my work done.  A lot of times, you will find me near Ocean Beach in San Francisco, firin

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CUPC-P80 – Developmental UMPC?

Here’s another cool device CuPC-P80, a sorta developmental UMPC, it almost reminds me of a PSP with Windows XP loaded on it.

This device runs on 12VDC, which means it can easily be hooked up to your car, I see a lot of potential using it as in-car PC.  Just hook up some USB GPS and broadband modem and you got a mobile station right there on your car.

This CuPC-P80 runs AMD Geode LX800 500Mhz processor, 512MB of DDR, and 4GB of Flash harddrive.

It also comes with bunch of

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iPhone 3G OS 3.0 Hack – How to Use iPhone 3G as a Broadband Modem over USB or Bluetooth!

One of the main features of iPhone 3G OS 3.0 is the Internet tethering feature, which basically lets you use the iPhone as a broadband modem over USB or bluetooth.  Smartphones like Blackberry comes with this feature as a standard but I guess Apple still hasn’t figured out how to monetize from it, so they have disabled the function in the official release but some hackers have found how to re-enable it.

It’s a great way to use your iPhone 3G as a broadband modem although I doubt it will be fast enough as iPhone is very slow running on

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iPhone Modem App is here and I am not impressed!

iPhone modem application is here, which can turn your jailbroken iPhone into a broadband modem for your laptop or PC.

Why am I not impressed?

Well, this should be a standard feature on the iPhone.  Why should consumers have to go through the trouble of jailbreaking their phone?

Plus, AT&T’s broadband modem has proven to really suck in comparison to Sprint and Verizon.

Personally, I have a Blackberry 8830, which easily becomes a broadband modem using a USB connector.

In comparison to another PCMCIA broadband mo

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Sprint Capping “Unlimited” 3G Data Service at 5GB

Well, this isn’t a very bad news for me although I use TWO EDVO sprint cards plus my blackberry which can be used as a broadband modem.  All I can say is wait until Sprint comes out with the WiMAX technology, which will save all of us from bandwidth and speed problems.

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BMW Adds Full Internet Access to Its iDrive

BMW adds full internet access to their iDrive.  This is something I have been thinking about, putting a web browser into the car navigation.  If everything goes as planned, we should have some people “Site Hopping” while they are stuck at the light and make us couple million bucks.

I think this is a smart move by BMW as some car manufacturer is going to put that web browser on the car navigation.  Why not?  The screen’s there

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Blackberry 9000 rumored to come in cheaper and w/o 3G

Blackberry 9000 is rumored to come in cheaper form and without 3G.  As a user of the latest 8830, “Are u kidding me?”

Without high speed data, it will make the Blackberry useless, especially for people like me who can use it as a broadband modem simply by connecting a USB cable.

So you know how we’ve been talking about the BlackBerry 9000’s ridiculously high selling price? Well, it looks like RIM is gearing up to launch a 3G-less BlackBerry 9000 so to speak. It looks pretty similar but there are also a few changes to the des

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