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3G iPhone at $199 but Data Plans at $30 and $45!

In the recent news that the 3G iPhone was launched with a price of $199 by Steve Jobs, it’s only a hoax or bullshit because now consumers will make up for it with higher data plans.

Of course, you don’t need the data plan if you don’t plan on using broadband access but then what’s the point of getting an iPhone?

My guess is that AT&T just released their 3G technology that probably still sucks as everyone who buys the new 3G iPhone will become the guinea pigs.

If you want to be a pig, go ahead, but for me, no thanks.  I will stick with proven

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LinkedIn vs. Facebook, which one do you use more?

I was browsin’ over at ReadWriteWeb today and they had an interesting article on LinkedIn versus Facebook, of which one is better for business.

Well, in my opinion, it’d definitely be LinkIn as I haven’t seen anyone have their Facebook account on their business card but I have seen numerous LinkIn profiles.

To be honest, I use neither right now as they are simply more services to keep track of.  (Well I should at least be linked in…)

The m

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