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Make Balloon headed for space!


Here’s a cool video of Bre trying to track his ballon that’s headed for space. You gotta check out the real-time data tracking which is the coolest part.

Good luck in spotting your balloon!



Paper Airplane Contest


Cool, Bre’s making some cool paper airplane contest… We will have to make some too…

These paper airplanes are for the person who wants to break out of their dart habit. There are millions of cool designs out there, but these two are easy and will impress your family and friends… unless they are hardcore paper sculptors. Download the pdf and follow the directions and you’ve got the designs for paper airplan

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DIY – Beginning with the Basic Stamp


Check out Bre’s new video on Basic Stamp howto with Joe Grand. He’s also got some pdfs with instructions.

Basic Stamp is a programmable embed

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DIY HACK – Kits and Casemods: Laser tag MP3 player, Dinosaur USB charger!

[gv data=”PZjMX3zBxBs”][/gv]

Here’s a cool laser tag DIY on the Daisy MP3 Player we are going to hack in the near future… Bre gives us good insights on what kind of modding to think about and also great sources for mod such as the Goodwill and some funky stores..

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DIY HACK – Woodblock Christmas Cards!

[gv data=”ivJpbQNdklY”][/gv]

Tired of same old Christmas cards that say the same thing every year? Try this:

Hack your own woodblock Christmas Cards that looks as good as the one shown above by following Bre’s instructions!


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DIY – Make Your Own GPV (Grocery Powered Vehicle)

[gv data=”zsqzDB-uDik”][/gv]

Here’s a cool grocery powered vehicle from Bre Pettis from Make,

on the brighter side of my phone kicking my ass all the time…hehe…

we will see if we can hack his creation next week using some microcontrollers and motors…

This weekend, make your own GPV. Grocery Powered Vehicles are contraptions that you can make with materials that you can find at your local grocery store. In thi

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