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Motorcycle DIY Video – How to Ride a Motorcycle!

Let me tell you a story of how I started riding motorcycles.

The very first time was at my best friend’s house up in Humbolt, California where he had a dirt-bike.  Well, to cap the story short, I didn’t know how to ride, didn’t have a helmet on, ultimately did a superman and sorta chipped a part of my leg bones after flipping over about 3 times on the ground.

As ugly as that experience sounds, I got the courage to actually BUY a motorcycle couple years later in South Korea, where I was staying.  The traffic was so bad, the only way to get around the city fa

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Car Hack – How to Parallel Park!


Here’s a fun way to parallel park your car.

1. Back up into the parking space diagonally.

2. Turn on your back brakes.

3. Turn your wheels toward the curb.

4. Rev your engine as hard as you can.

Of course, this method will only work on front-wheel powered rice-rockets only.

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DIY Skatebrake Kit for High Speed Downhill Skateboarding!

Check out these cool Skatebrakes that will add brakes to your skateboard.  Of course, this isn’t really practical for freestyling on the streets but it will definitely help if you live in area like San Francisco where steep hills will make it impossible for you to ride continuously.

With this brake kits, fear no more 45 degree hills in San Francisco, just apply the brakes if you happen to slide down too fast.  I think even if you are an advanced skateboarder, this will help in really steep hills as it’s annoying to put your right foot

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DIY – How to Make an Electric Go-Kart! (or is it Go-cart!)

I will probably never figure out the original name for Go-Karts but here’s a really cool DIY electric go-kart someone has made and you might want to refer it if you want to make your own in the near future.

This year, the Summer Engineering Workshop team was interested in making an electric go-kart. (Some kind of obsession with things you can ride…) But to make things more interesting, we decided to add a 110F ultracapacitor into the mix. Capacitors store electrical potential energy

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Volkswagon 235MPG Car available in 2010!

This VW can do 235MPG! It’s really small and cramped but hey, the VeeDub gets almost 5 times better mileage than my motorcycle.

The 1L is a lightweight two person vehicle made out of a magnesium frame covered by an unpainted carbon fiber skin. Every component of the vehicle is intended to reduce the vehicles weight. Aluminum brakes, carbon fiber wheels, titanium hubs, and ceramic bearings all contribute to the vehicle’s light weight of a mere 290 kg. To reduce the weight even further, and to increase the aerodynamics of the vehicle, there

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