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Warehouse DIY – How to Make a Box!

Making a box from paper or cardboard can become very handy, especially if you run out of boxes and you are moving.

Here’s a cool DIY that shows you how to make a paper box.  Although it uses paper, I am sure you could apply this with harder materials such as cardboard.

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DIY – How to Make a $5000 Platform Bed from scratch!

Do you need a new bed?  Do you want a new $5000 platform bed for a lot less?

Here’s a cool DIY on how to make your own platform bed from scratch.

I sincerely do love this DIY since I own a platform bed myself.

The last step to completing my bed was upholstering the entire particle board box. I purchased enough sheets of one-cen

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DIY – How to Make your own Lunchbox Linux Firewall!

As an avid fan of Linux operating systems ever since I took Minix class, which Linux was born from, I love to hear about cool little DIYs on making a Linux firewall out of a lunch box.

The greatest thing about Linux operating systems in comparison to Windows or any other operating systems is that it can be easily custom tailored to do one thing whether that’s a web server, firewall, file server, or any type of server that requires stability at “no cost”.

This simple DIY s

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OLPC has joined Microsoft XP!

OLPC has just announced that they will be using Microsoft XP operating system on their $100 laptops. This is ridiculous and does go completely against their original core values.

They have lost faith from me at least, teaming up with Microsoft is the worst decision they could make, especially if their core values were about not using proprietary monopolized technology.

Their excuse is that they are not selling enough units and some countries are requiring Windows platform.

Screw them, focus on your core value.

What is

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DIY – How to Make Match Box Fireworks!


Here’s a fun DIY you can do using bunch of matches.  You will need like 20 boxes of matches to do this.

This thing does look pretty powerful so be careful and don’t burn your hand!

via metacafe

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Office Printing DIY – How to save time and money on printing and get your mail delivered faster!

Today, we will cover several ways that can help you to reduce cost of your printing, whether you are running a home business or a company with 1000 employees.

Make sure to Preview your documents before printing:

A lot of people might think this is something they do all the time but the truth is that most people waste a lot of paper printing out the wrong portion of their content, including myself.

Use that “Preview” button to preview what you are printing. Almost all applications including Firefox, Internet Explorer, Photoshop, and MS Word have this feature

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HOW Video – How Packaging is made by the industry

Here’s a cool video on how packaging is made by the industry today. This is great, I never knew it!

via techeblog

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