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IKEA Hack – How to Make a Kitchen Countertop Shelf!

IKEA has probably the cheapest, nicest furniture ever.  Nevermind the fact that 2 coffee tables I have bought from IKEA in the last 2 years have all broke, there’s always room for little hacking such as this cool Kitchen Countertop Shelf that will create a lot of extra space for your kitchen gadgets such as bowls, pans, and whatnot.

I have seen IKEA go from nothing to a national retailer in America and I have to say IKEA is still cheap furniture (I will never buy a coffee table from IKEA ever again) but hacking makes them better.


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Crafty DIY – How to Make Bowls from Old Magazines!

Here’s a really great way to save the environment, clean up any of your old magazine stashes, and also create a beautiful-looking bowl from your magazines that are gathering with dust anyways.

I saw these for sale at San Deigo Zoo on the summer holidays for like $20 and I decided I could make them instead so, I did! I bet that’s a typical thought for a crafty gal like us =]

via cutoutandkeep

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