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Flash Drive Hack – How To Boot From A USB Flash Drive!

For those of you who want to know how to boot from a USB Flash Drive, BootDisk.com has a great tutorial on that, featuring 6 different methods. – link

Btw, most computers these days support USB boot, you just need to make your USB flash drive bootable by copying boot images into it.

When do you need to boot off your USB drive?  Well, on netbooks and any of these new ultra-thin and light laptops (such as my ASUS UL30Vt) that doesn’t include an optical drive.  Frankly, I just think DVD/Blu-ray only

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HACK – Hacking the PS3

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There are way to hack the PS3 via Linux:

You can now dump your BlueRay images into ISO format using Linux on your Playstation 3. All that is required to drop the images onto your 60GB hard drive is to run the following command “dd if=/dev/cdrom of=/imagename.img”. So far there is no way to play your backed up games, but this is a good start.

Well if you get further into hacking the PS3, you can always

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