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Zedomax.Net Web2.0 Crunch…

Here’s this week’s wrap up of Web2.0 companies and ramblings over at .Net:

Craigslist needs to update their graphicsGoogle Adsense will be available for RSS feeds, more money for bloggers.

Jobirn, a new type of job referral network launched.

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DIY HACK – HOWTO drop more Entrecards than your neighbor!

Okay, if you want to be a dumba*s and don’t listen to people who are smarter, fu*k off and stop reading this post. If you are a smartass like me, then do listen carefully as I am going to show you how to shave 10 hours of your stupid ass “Entrecard” clickin’.

Simply goto SiteHoppin.com and choose “Entrecard” or the topic you desire. (Right now, we only have a couple Entrecard topics as we are still getting drunk but check back later for more topics)

Then, simply click on the “SiteHoppin” button an

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Better Comments WordPress Plugin

With our Free Laser contest going on, I needed some help in being able to respond to comments faster. Well, I just looked on JohnChow.com and boom, I got a solution to my problemo…

Yes, with this plugin, you can reply to comments on the fly!

Download Better Comments Manager

Installation of the plugin is a simple download, unzip, upload and activate. The plugin works really well and is a pleasure to use. The ability to quickly reply to comments from within the WordPress admin panel is a real ti

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Whoosh Boom Splat for Projectiles


Here’s a cool book that’s called, Whoosh Boom Splat. Check out the video to see the cool projectiles it can help you make.

via boingboing

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IPOD Vending machine, buy IPOD Nano or IPOD video


I was at the Serramonte mall near Daly City, CA yesterday and ran into this next to Starbucks. It’s really cool, all you need is a credit card and you can buy one of these IPOD nano or IPOD Video. Well, ipods are getting very popular…

Sorry for the crappy resolution, I took it with my phone… 🙂

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CBS Is Pretty *#&$in Excited About YouTube

Yes, I think YouTube and Google will eventually provide TV services much greater than local TV cable such as Comcast or satellites. Time will tell how successful YouTube is but one thing we know, they have been bought by the biggest internet giant Google and there’s no saying in how the future will be like. We hope that they are able to bring us more high resolution videos than 320 by 240 pixels, which is really crappy to say the least. There is only one future for YouTube and Google marriage, a high-resolution video similar to TV.

Yes, i

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