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YouTube Hack – How to Link Directly to High Quality YouTube Videos!

Here’s a cool little hack for bloggers and alike, how to link directly to high quality YouTube Videos.

Simply add &fmt=18 to the end of your video link, here’s an example:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SK53mzT0sIM&fmt=18 Here’s some more stuff for embedding:

Embedding high quality YouTube videos: The &fmt=18 trick doesn’t work here, but a similar trick does. For each of the URLs in the embeddable code that you get from YouTube, add &ap=%2526fmt%3D18 onto the end,

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StinkyWorld.com for stinky news, dirty politics, and more

We just made a new website called stinkworld.com. It ain’t much right now but if you got a stinky story, submit it to StinkyWorld.com! (Do you like our logo? It’s a stinky feet!)

Get StinkIt Bookmarklet for your browser and start stinkin’ it whenever you find somethin’ that smells bad or is dirty! (Drag StinkIt to your browser!)

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Quick Browser HACK – Google and Yahoo Bookmarklets for Firefox, IE, and Safari

Today, I was trying to bookmark some stuff on Google and Yahoo and noticed that there weren’t any bookmarklets for them that were available.

They have toolbars but I rather have a simple button to click then do click, scroll, click…

So I hacked one real quick. Now you can just click a button on your browser to save your favorite sites to Google or Yahoo Bookmarks In Firefox,

Click and drag

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