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DIY HACK – HOWTO turn your cellphone into a Taser Camera Gun!


Here’s a funny hack using a cellphone, wires, and a 16pF capacitor.

Take one SonyEricsson K800i, rewire the capacitor (which feeds the camera flash) with a pair of 16uf caps and you have a cell phone capable of dumping those farads into a human body. Just take a photo using the camera’s xenon flash and shoot.

If you can’t read the multimeter in murk of what looks like a typical teenager’s bedroom, it shows 300 volts. Cameron20020, the video’s creator, describes it thus:


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Apple…getting better, better, and better… boy Jobs can sell!


I prefer this 60 second overview of Steve Job’s speech at MacWorld this year in San Francisco. Although i rather play the Steve Jobs flash game

via m11ion.blogspot

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Google’s Android Could Learn From Yahoo’s Go!

Remember my post on the Google Phone Operating System Android?

Check out this review of comparison between Google’s Android and Yahoo’s Go. Although they are completely different animals, (This guy is comparing an operating system to a web site.) it’s interesting how one giant is going for hard

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Funny Escalator

After work, instead of taking the usual elevator, stairs, or escalator, you can simply slide down the Funny Escalator and save some time too. If we ever get a chance to build our own building, this would definitely be one of the features. But you’d probably need to pay a lot of money for insuring it.

via picture-mania.blogspot

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DIY – Cork Lamp

Yes, it’s obviously a lamp made out of used wine corks. We dare you to build something like this. Check out all the other cool stuff you can make using corks here.

This should be pretty easy to make as long as you drink a lot of wine everyday. Actually I have a soju lamp I might have to show you next…


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Amazing Skydiver Jumps Out Of Plane And Into Another


Check out this video of a skydiver jumping around planes, tight!

Watch as this skydiver jumps out of a plane and then catches up to another falling plane and gets in… Just Plain Amazing!

[via] nothingbutvideos.blogspot.com

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More Matchstick rockets from Mr. Blank


You can submit your DIY ideas to Mr. Blank if it is too classified or you are too shy. Mr. Blank is an open-source guy personality, cool… Also, check out his first matchstick rocket video!  (yes, up there dude…or  grrrr….)

Blank (me) is an open-source identity that web denizens can use if they want to show the world some great DIY, but are too shy (or if the DIY is of a ne

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