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Bloggers – Promote your blog using rssHugger!

Our friend Collin LeHay from WordHugger has launched rssHugger couple days ago. You can add your RSS Feeds of your blog to this site. What does it do? Basically you get bunch of free backlinks using your RSS Feeds.

Why use it?

    rssHugger has a nice logo…

Add Sitemaps for your website using GSiteCrawler

Check out GSiteCrawler, it’s a sitemap creator for your websites, blogs, or whatever. I just found this through DigitalPoint Forums.

Google Sitemaps allows the webmaster to help Google index their pages optimally. The GSiteCrawler will help you generate the best Google Sitemap file for your website. The GSiteCrawler uses different ways to find all the pages in your website and can generate all sorts of files, statistics and more. The sitemaps file format has lately been also adapted by Yahoo! – even MSN/Live.com is pledging it’s s

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CouchTycoon.net – Private Beta Testing – we got some free invitations!

CouchTycoon is like Monopoly game in real life. (it seems like) The founder has given me an invitation key to give out more invitations. If anyone wants one, let me know!

Additionaly Mr. Idle wants to make starting a company as easy as writing an e-mail. Every one knows the e-mails from a friend containing a business-flash written in some sentences, replied with a comment, re-replied with an other addendum, etc… On that basis starting a venture should become possible. That´s why he dec

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Vote for Zedomax At Bloggy Awards!

Go vote for Zedomax at Bloggy Awards! (another Zedoma

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The Top 10 Reasons why you need a Blog vs. static website

Here’s my top 10 reasons why you need blog(s) if you want to succeed online:

Blogs can be updated hourly, daily, or any time you want to update your site. Each post on a Blog has tags in comparison Target keywords for your products. (For example, you can make a new post with title, description, and tags targeted at your keywords such as “iphone hacks”) Blogs are the next communication medium on the internet. It’s never too late to make a blog You can give out stuff for free that you get for free. (e.g. Our lasers were provided free from

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Our new blogging building


We rented out this 6,200 square feet warehouse/retail space on 9th Street, San Francisco. Eventually, we will have bunch of bloggers, hackers, and beds everywhere. Here’s a video preview of our new company, Bedzine Inc. We are planning to sell mattresses for revenue and blogs as our main thang. Leave any thoughts!

Just been real busy making those tables in the video but we should be on full force by next month when we have actually sold enough mattresses and hire more people to do some fun stuff.

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DIY HACK – Build your own Altoids Digital Thermometer!

Here’s a fun little project Digital Thermometer DIY that you can read and make your own with an Altoids can!


This instructable will show you how to create a multifunction platform with a thermometer, chronograph (count up timer), count down timer, and light display. It is also intended to be a platform for other analog s

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Ride the Train and Spread this number 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0!

Add yourself to the Train and Spread this number 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0, we will see how far it goes… Here’s the list of blogs so far:

Subscribe to BobmeetsWorld Subscribe to LifeisRisky Subscribe to

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MAGICal – Wine Bottle Magic


Oh man, this is freakin’ smart.

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Zedomax Network of blogs

Here’s a list of Zedomax Network blogs:

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