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DIY Linux HACK – HOW TO optimize your WordPress Blog, MediaWiki, or any other high load website with Compression!

Well, we did a lot of server hacking before with some MySQL, eAccelerator, and httpd.

There’s a lot of major blogs out there I have checked using Web Page Compression Tool that are not using compression. (For one, I checked John Chow’s blog)

Try to check one of your posts instead of checking your main URL as the tool is funky with root domains. (e.g. Check https://zedomax.com/blog/2008/02/23/never-give-up-especially-your-blog-dude/ instead of http://zedomax.com)

Here’s a scre

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The biggest pyramid “splog” scam in this world today – StumbleUpon =Spambleupon

Okay, I will have to tell you the truth tonight about one of the biggest social networking sites, SpambleUpon, or most people call it, StumbleUpon.

They are making so much money off bloggers, basically StumbleUpon “scrapes” bloggers’ content and makes millions of dollars off you!  Even though no one has really “sued” them, they are in big trouble if bloggers start sueing them one by one.

Google should really ban them for “splogging”, every one of SU users’ blogs are “splogs” made up of content written by bloggers li

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DaBomb.TV is on SALE at SitePoint!

Yeah, don’t ask me why, I have to start selling all of my websites one by one because I need to keep making a living.

With the recent sales of Wagg.It, I have gone slightly depressed, but here’s another great sale of a great video blog site, DaBomb.TV.

You can go bid at SitePoint here. The bid will end in 7 days so let the high bidder get the site!

FYI, you are not just buying a websi

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World Record – John Chow is the Blogging Seinfeld? He makes money making fun of the internet!

As you well know, my blogger friend John Chow was on Entrepreneur this month! He’s coined as the “Blogging Seinfeld”. I couldn’t agree more. There’s a lot of people saying how John Chow is a spam blog but I disagree with that. He made a new blogging topic, “Making Money Online” so explosive that now you see thousands of blogs like John Chow’s.

If it wasn’t for his blog, I doubt there would be such an enormous “buzz” around the internet about maki

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Yipee! We are on our track for 30+ posts/day!

As you well know, at least some of you old timer listeners, Zedomax always brings you way too much information for you to digest. Well, that’s our goal and we will try to keep on pace with 30+ posts per day. In this hectic world, you really need to blog at a pace of 30+ posts per day in order to play “catch up” with other major blogs who are doing the same. Well, let’s try then, shall we?

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Best Tech Blogs Tag Browsing with SiteHoppin’!

Hi all,

I’ve compiled a list of tech blogs I visit daily from the Zedomax Friend’s list. If you don’t update your blog daily, you were probably excluded from the list. (But you are always welcome to add yourself.)

You can simply check out the URL below and keep pressing on the “SiteHoppin” button to browse really really fast.

This is the “Best tech blogs” list on SiteHoppin. If your blog isn’t a blog or doesn’t talk about tech, we probably excluded you. (You can always go make your own lists too!)

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My friend Gyutae is having a contest for T-shirts and $100 in CASH!


My blogger friend Gyutae is having a contest for T-shirts and $100 in cash. All you gotta do is pick the right winner and write a blog post about it. (It seems like there’s so many contests these days, you could probably make a living just entering all of them)

My vote goes to Gyutae’s Winning the Web since he’s always coming up with new contests. He’s blog got a big 200 RSS reader jump from his contest on

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How SiteHoppin’ will virally increase Blog’s traffic and users’ blogs

There’s been a lot of questions regarding our new site, SiteHoppin’, so I will show you briefly how it will virally increase a blog’s traffic.

Instead of typing URL or using a bookmarking system like Del.icio.us, users will start using SiteHoppin’ to tag their favorite sites and go “site hoppin'” daily.

How will increase traffic for your blog? Well, simply, if you submit your blog to Sit

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How to browse through websites without wasting your time clicking.

Here’s how you can browse through blogs without doing so much typing and clicking…

I got so annoyed at the fact that I have to click like 5 times before getting to an actual blog that this actually proved to be great for me to browse a blog and drop cards without wasting any time clicking. Think about how many seconds you save if you could simply click to the next blog? (I visit about 100 blogs a day so saving 5 seconds on each blog comes to about 500 seconds, about 8 minutes or so.

On top of it, SiteHoppin brings “1 hit” of web traffic per site hoppe

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Blog Monetization – Still using Text Link Ads for selling your Links?

I’ve been getting into monetizing blogs lately and wrote a little article on selling text link ads on your blogs. Check it out and you can take control over the money you make on your blog and increase your profits!

You’ve probably seen bunch of sites that you can sign up for to sell text link ads on your site. I’ve personally tried Text-Link-Ads.com. Although I have made money through their system, I probably only made $200 a month at the most. The problem with these sites is that they take 50% of your sales! T

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