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CoilOSapien – Robosapien Coil Gun



We are back after couple days of hibernating! Yes, sometimes we need to recharge our energies for blogging power otherwise it would all deplete and we would not be able to find cool DIYs, gadgets, and other cool stuff floating on the internet.

Anyways, you can check out the Robosapien Coil Gun! (Yes, kids should not try this at home…)



Unique Visitors – Guerilla Internet Marketing 101 – Lesson 1

“UNIQUE VISITORS” is the difference of “HITS” from 10 years ago to now.  Everyone with a website knows what a “unique visitor” is.  If you asked someone 10 years ago, they wouldn’t know it or probably rather pick their nose.

Well, I am not an expert in the blogging subject, but I think I have more enough know-how than your regular joe. The market that is not being tapped in the Internet marketing world are the blog ads that are out there. You can grab some really low CPM ads over Google AdSense. The best thing about these blog ads is that

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Web Hacking – PHP hacks

I am just reading up on my new book, PHP Hacks from O’Reily. But I found this cool site on stumbleupon about PHP Hacks who are not geeky enough like me to buy a book.

I find these PHP hacks can help you in making your website or blog better since most websites and blogs are based on PHP.

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