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Zedomax is 1 years OLD!!!

Hey! We are 1 years old now! (Well, yesterday was the birthdate, August 14th but I got too drunk with some MGDs and I had a hangover from the night before so don’t blame me) You see that little blip we had couple weeks ago? Yeah, our site was down and yes I was too drunk. (haha, I was just kiddin’, I just forgot to pay bills)

Anyway, we did reach more than 1 million unique visitors over 1 year so that is good…

Well, I am going to start drinking more and blogging more along with our good friend David from UK. I just mov

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Twitter – Are you twitting yet?

Twitter is a simple application where you can blab and twit about where you are going, what you are drinking, and anything you are doing. It’s a way of micro-blogging which has taken a life of its own. (Maybe bigger than social networking sites someday) Anyway, while we try to make our own twitter with our evil minds (jk, we don’t have time to do that, we rather twit). Check out my new twitter page if you are bored or having some drinks.

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Live Blogging Maker Faire – Balancing Bot spotted!

Live Blogging Maker Faire - Balancing Bot spotted!


Wow, there’s so much cool stuff here at Maker Faire such as this cool balancing bot. It’s so big and there’s so much stuff, I don’t think you can see everything in one day. Phew…

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Live Blogging – Zedomax Booth at Maker Faire

Hey we are live at the Maker Faire, blogging live! See our automated camera that follows people? Well, it’s a $160 Logitech camera we got in a hurry at Best Buy last night just before the store closed. Glad we got it working although the internet here sucks sometimes. Anyway, our booth is really popular! 🙂

Garrett is doing a great job with the crowd while I am hiding in the back. (Why am I hiding? Blogging of course!)

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Maker Faire Live Webcam Video

Hi there, we are at the Maker Faire! I got hands on one of automatic webcams that follow people. Check it out! It took me awhile to hook up some internet. For some reason, I couldn’t hook up to the free internet here. BUT I got my Sprint Samsung IP-830W to work as a cellular modem. Hopefully, the live videos stream good on it. (My phone is a life-saver! 🙂 )

Update: We

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Zedomax Maker Faire Setup

It looks like Maker Faire is really taking its shape.

We are also busy setting up at Maker Faire. Actually, Garrett is busy setting up at Maker Faire.

I am working on the graphics for our 42″ table. Hopefully the below graphic will work good.

Although our table is small, we plan to do some live blogging, here’s the graphics:

Phew, it’s been very busy for all of us this week with all kinds of crazy stuff going on.  I just b

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World Energy Movement – Do not buy Gas on May 15th and lower gas prices!!!

I’ve been getting several of these messages today, so I figured I might pass it on. Maybe we can make history and make May 15th the day to not buy gas and also use less gas.

DO NOT BUY GAS on the May 15th and let’s see what happens.

Let’s make it a world affair really and make it big!

On the side note, we have a new blog called, Keetsa! Check it out, it’s about eco-friendly and green! We are actually selling some mattresses but before we open our e-store, I fi

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DIY HACK – Build your own Altoids Digital Thermometer!

Here’s a fun little project Digital Thermometer DIY that you can read and make your own with an Altoids can!


This instructable will show you how to create a multifunction platform with a thermometer, chronograph (count up timer), count down timer, and light display. It is also intended to be a platform for other analog s

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Mini Cooper Billboard in San Francisco

You can see this Mini Cooper Billboard in San Francisco on your way towards Bay Bridge. I guess this is actually RFID enabled which is kinda cool. Yes, it’s a very effective way of advertising as I do read it about 75% of the time that I pass by this spot looking for changes in what the Mini Cooper is saying… (mostly kinda stupid… one time it was saying something like “Be small and Go faster” or something) But it is indeed very creative. I don’t know if it actually can identify Mini drivers but I will try to see if

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USB Prank – Mouse jiggler

Check out this mouse jiggler that jiggles your mouse annoying when plugged into any computer. You might have to call the IT department if you don’t know if the USB jiggler was inserted into your PC by your evil spirited co-worker. Talking about evil spirited co-workers, check out the USB Mouse Prank Garrett did on me the other day. (Well, Garrett is not evil, he’s a nice guy~)

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