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Make Money Online DIY – How to Make More Money with Adsense and Chitika Optimization using my Heat Map!

Well, it’s not that often I tell my readers/newcomers about my money making secrets but here’s a heat map that I’ve created to maximize income from my blogs.

Now, this is a proven heat map for making the “most” money online with blogs.

It’s a rather “in-your-face” type of advertising where you force your visitors to really read your Adsense or Chitika ads.

Why do I do this type of R

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Delta to Offer Full In-Flight WiFi!

Delta is finalizing their decision on offering full in-flight wi-fi for everyone on dometic flights by middle of next year.  Go Delta!  Now, I can travel and get some blogging done while flying.  THAT is cool.

ATLANTA — Delta Air Lines Inc. said Tuesday that it would offer broadband wireless Internet access on its entire domestic mainline fleet by the middle of nex

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Zedomax dot com 3500 posts!

Zedomax.com has right now 3,532 posts since it’s humble beginnings on August 14th, 2006.

Well, that’s a lot of blogging…plus 14,139 tags! 🙂

Cheers to all our readers and we shall be moving even a little faster this week.

Please don’t complain because our blog goes too fast and we explain things in 1 sentences instead of cramming with needless adjectives and verbs.

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Blogging in the Wild…

I always thought of what’d be like to be camping and blogging at the same time. Well, here’s a video by Joel Johnson from BoingBoingTV showing you how it could be done…

Boing Boing Gadgets editor Joel Johnson recently spent a week in the woods with a backpack full of electronics, to see if he could work on the internet in the wild using only solar power and his bare hands. This vid

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Watch “Live” Masters Golf Tournament this weekend on the web!

Hey, now you can watch Master live on your TV. Since I am always busy blogging even on weekends, this allows me to flip back and forth between blogging and the Masters. Even better is if you have dual monitor setup.

I used to record every Masters couple years back, actually I did record every Masters from around ’95 to ’03 or so…

Cheers everybody, you should be watching golf on TV today even if you are not a raving golf fan like i am.

Go watch the Masters “Liv

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World Record – John Chow is the Blogging Seinfeld? He makes money making fun of the internet!

As you well know, my blogger friend John Chow was on Entrepreneur this month! He’s coined as the “Blogging Seinfeld”. I couldn’t agree more. There’s a lot of people saying how John Chow is a spam blog but I disagree with that. He made a new blogging topic, “Making Money Online” so explosive that now you see thousands of blogs like John Chow’s.

If it wasn’t for his blog, I doubt there would be such an enormous “buzz” around the internet about maki

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Zedomax Traffic Overview 2008

This is a little traffic overview so we know where the heck Zedomax will be next year… Well, it looks pretty good doesn’t it? Since last July or so, our traffic has been growing steadily and we have no idea how we did it. Well, one thing that might have helped is that we started blocking all trackbacks from splogs. Before July last year, I didn’t even know what a “splog” is but now I do… Anyways, we will actually be starting to do some real work instead of messing around all the time.

Here’s another tip

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Starcraft 2 is coming!


Remember playing Starcraft couple years ago? (Well, I guess some of you are still playing it)

Well, here’s a video of the Starcraft 2 preview.

Check out this site for more information on Starcraft 2.

I can’t wait to get my hands on this game…you will probably not see me blogging for a month…or more…

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6:19AM Update – I have been blogging for almost 24 hours straight and just finished making a website for one of my friends that I met on the elevator. (Yes, it’s called the elevator incident, he even sang about it.)

He’s my neighbor and sings whenever we hang out and get fu**ed up…

Check it out:


P.S. Yes, this was shameless friend promotion… :p

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The Top 10 Reasons why you need a Blog vs. static website

Here’s my top 10 reasons why you need blog(s) if you want to succeed online:

Blogs can be updated hourly, daily, or any time you want to update your site. Each post on a Blog has tags in comparison Target keywords for your products. (For example, you can make a new post with title, description, and tags targeted at your keywords such as “iphone hacks”) Blogs are the next communication medium on the internet. It’s never too late to make a blog You can give out stuff for free that you get for free. (e.g. Our lasers were provided free from

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