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Vex Robotics Kit Review (We bought at 40% off at Radio Shack!)


Well, we just bought the Vex Robotics Kit for like a hundred bucks at Radio Shack while shopping for some parts. Check out the video of what’s inside the kit. Apparently, they are not selling too well at Radio Shack but the kit itself is a great deal and has lots of parts for other projects.

We couldn’t help but to open up the microcontroller box (spelled mirco controller on the box…) and found the PIC18F8520 is powering it. I think we might be able to use the c

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Some FReAKY Overclocking Chip Cooler


Here’s a cool video of a freaky overclocking chip cooler from CES.

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RSS Feeds coming to life…


Here’s a video from CES 2007 showing RSS Feeds coming to life from your computer screen to a physical LCD on your desktop. This shouldn’t be too hard to make but maybe making like a podcast device would be…

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CES Video – Automatic Toilet Seat


Well, this one I’ve actually used one myself when I was living over in Asia couple years ago, but it seems it take years for the great toilet seat technology to come to America, just like cellphones… 😛

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CES Video – Roomba Carpet Printer


This would be great for making some custom images on your carpet!

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