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Recommended Bling-bling

Diamond-studded BlackBerry Bold The Tellor for Bling Bling!

I am not a big fan of diamond-studded cellphones, I honestly think it’s waste of valuable resources but this diamond-studded Blackberry Bold makes me think twice.  What’s up with the AZERTY keyboard?  Is that for another country???  (Excuse my ignorance, I live in the USA)

This is definitely a bling-bling I can replace with my Blackberry 8830.

For those BlackBerry owners who are contemplating sticking with this minimalist business phone might consider this blinged “Tellor” version, which is paved with a total of 205 diamon

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Gold plated Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG for the Filthy Rich!

It’s a good thing that Obama became President and he’s giving out massive tax-cuts for the lower and middle class citizens that will lessen the chance of the filthy rich spending their money on something unnecessary such as this gold-plated Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG.

Neverthless, it’s a bling-bling creation I wouldn’t mind driving around Dubai.


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What’s a Koi Fish?

Do you know what a Koi fish is?  Well, it’s a fish that can survive and adapt in various different parts of the world.  You can buy Koi fish online here, or at least check out how much they cost. (bling, bling, bling)

You can also check out Koi Fish page on SiteHoppin.

Our koi fish are exceptionally beautiful. Healthy and from top Japanese koi breeders and Japanese koi farms. Snow white skin with deep, vibrant

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