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Beer Belt Lets You Loose Like a Kite at the Casinos in Vegas!

What you should really do the next time you fly to Las Vegas is to pack one of these Beer Belts so you can play at the BlackJack tables without worrying about almost-naked waitress ladies to ask you if you want another drink.  Better yet, order 6 beers at a time, that way you have more ammo to go longer.

In any case, the Beer Belt certainly has more uses than your typic

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ATM Bank Teaches your Kids How to Bank!

Check out this ATM Bank you can get for your kids.  It comes with an authentic ATM card so your kid can start saving and also take money out for buying candy.  Now, get one of these blackjack machines to make a whole kids’ casino.

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iDeal – DIY Automatic Poker Dealer Robot!


Well, I used to do a lot of Blackjack programming for fun and make games but this one is actually a “real” automatic poker dealer robot.

In couple years or so we should start seeing robots replacing dealers across Las Vegas.  Well, that’s if the robots do better than human counterparts…

Thanks Patrick for the tip!

Introducing the “iDeal”. It’s the worlds best automatic poker dealer! Perfect for your home poker games and fits on the edge of a table. Features include: – PIC

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Samsung Blackjack Unpacking


Wow, this is some great stuff…i am jealous…hehe… I need 3G…noW!!!

I’ve received my (Cingular) Samsung Blackjack and here’s a video that shows what’s in the box. After a full charge and a few problems with the service activation (Amazon screwed it up, apparently) I got the thing up and running with UMTS (3G) data connect. After a couple of hours, my first impression is that it blows the pants of my Treo 700w in virtually every aspect. I’m currently testing the battery life so keep an eye on Ubergizmo

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