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Recommended Birthdays

Japanese Pet Clock counts time in dog years!

Here’s a brilliant pet clock from Japan.  It’s a clock customized for your dog or cat as time accelerated 7 times so you get a real “dog” (cat) years for keeping track of how old your pet is. (in his/her terms)

Thankfully though, this Pet Care Clock from Sega Toys is designed to do the difficult math for you. It’s your standard LCD desk clock that shows the time and date, but once you enter your pet’s birth date and specify their approximate size, the clock will also show you their supposed age. (Calculated with a varie

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Schwetty(Sweaty) Balls make a great Gift for your Golfoholic Friend!

If you have a friend who likes to joke about sweaty balls and his golf game, you might want to give him one of these really cool “Schwetty” balls for his next birthday. (If Greg Norman doesn’t win, I am selling this blog for sure…)

Hilarious Schwetty™ Balls make a great gag gift for the guy on your list with a sense of ballsy humor…retirees, bachelor parties, birthdays and more! Regulation golf balls comes imprinted with an L or R (for Left and Right) so you dont grab someone elses ball by mistake!

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