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Bird Shaped USB Webcam with Speaker

Max’s Note: Here’s a great speaker/webcam combo, awesome!

This Bird USB Webcam with Speaker is a rather unique desktop accessory. Retailing for a mere $15.69, you get a speaker and a 3.0 MP webcam attached to the bird’s beak. The bird’s wings and beak are foldable. Its head and legs are also movable, so you can change its pose anyway you like. Powered by USB or 3 AAA batteries.

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Cool RC Foamy Flying Wings

Here’s cool DIY plans that you can make some RC Foamy flying wings! Please send me some samples to Max! 🙂

All the 3D maneuvers are mixed up with conventional aerobatics to make a breathtaking routine…. But unlike other types of flying, a specific plane is needed. To fly 3D, you have to have a plane that’s has lots of pitch and yaw control. Elevators taking up 50%-60% of horizontal stabilizer’s surface is a must. They need to be able to travel to 45 deg in either way. The same

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