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Search Engine Wars – Google Down, Yahoo Up, Bing the Same.

With the recent ComScore search engine numbers, Google is a bit down , Yahoo is a bit up, and Bing is pretty much the same.

But I still haven’t seen anyone tell someone else to “Yahoo” or “Bing” something, have you? Maybe you can Google that for me, thanks.

Google ended July with a 65.8% piece of the search pie (down from 66.2% in June), Yahoo! increased from 16.7% in June to 17.1% in July, and Bing stayed constant month-over-month at 11.0%. AOL shed a tenth of a percentage point from June to end up with a 2.3% share.

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Verizon Kisses Bing’s Butt by Forcing Blackberries to Bing Only!

Recently, Verizon has literally kissed Microsoft’s Bing on its butt by forcing its Storm 2 Blackberries to use Bing only on their browser search boxes.

Well, I guess Microsoft is trying to do everything to get a share of the browser/search market since IE has fallen off world browser dominance.

Verizon has unilaterally updated user Storm 2 BlackBerries and other smartphones so that their browser search boxes can only be used with Microsoft Bing.

The move is part of the five-ye

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