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Electronic Message Billboard!

If you are like me, you will need a big electronic message billboard to remind yourself of your appointments.

The Electronic Message Billboard even comes with a little keyboard so you can change the message on the go.


* Program up to 60 letters, numbers and symbols into whatever message you like. * 26 pre-programmed messages for added enjoyment. * Built in digital clock. * AC adapter included. Electronic Message Billboard * Brightness settings: low, medium, high. * Mode select: input, message, off. * Demo button. * Removabl

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Billboards that detect your age and demographics!

A french company has invented a billboard that will display advertisements based on your detected age and demographics…

Man, this sucks… or is it innovation?  Great for advertising, too much invasion of privacy in public.  LEAVE US ALONG YOU JERKS!

They are equipping billboards with tiny cameras that gather details about passers-by–their gender, approximate age, and how long they looked at the billboard. These details are transmitted to a central database.

Behind the technology are small start-ups that say they are not storing actual images o

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Win 7 Luxury Nights in Martinique!

Here’s an easy way you can win 7 Luxury Nights in Martinique. My friend Jason’s wife Kelly from JaKelDaily.com is trying to win some prizes and you get a chance to win the prize also. Simply go vote here. All you need is a valid e-mail address to enter the contest.

Voter Prize One voter entry prize for 7 luxury nights at the Sofitel Bakoua with breakfast in

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Mini Cooper Billboard in San Francisco

You can see this Mini Cooper Billboard in San Francisco on your way towards Bay Bridge. I guess this is actually RFID enabled which is kinda cool. Yes, it’s a very effective way of advertising as I do read it about 75% of the time that I pass by this spot looking for changes in what the Mini Cooper is saying… (mostly kinda stupid… one time it was saying something like “Be small and Go faster” or something) But it is indeed very creative. I don’t know if it actually can identify Mini drivers but I will try to see if

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Energy saving Billboard LEDS powered by a bike!

Here’s some good effort to saving earth’s energy and good advertisement for the company mentioned in the billboard ad.

Last week in downtown Vancouver the billboard you see above was exlusively powered by volunteers pedaling a single bicycle over a span of about 5 days. The advertisement was sponsored by DDB/Vancouver and BC Hydro (hydro is a Canadian term for power or electricity) to show off how energy-efficient LED Christmas lights are. While the reindeer used on the billboard was lit with

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